Our Story

Lam Snack Foods Incorporated started as a noodle company in Guyana, South America. Owned and operated by the Lam family. When our founders immigrated to America in 1994, they bought their family noodle recipe with them and established a factory in Queens, New York.

After decades of distributing their noodles they experimented with plantain chips. The idea came about when Mr. Lam was making breakfast for his daughter, who loved sweet plantains with eggs. He wondered if other families would enjoy this product as well. He started developing a recipe to perfection.

Today, Lam’s is the leading manufacturers and distributors of plantains and other exotic snacks, such as cassava, in North America and Central America. The family remains heavily involved in the production and management of the company. They strive for excellence in their products and continue to think outside the box to bring new and exciting snacks to consumers.